Our story

The founding of AITSULAB started from Hayden, founder of AITSULAB. As a freelance graphic designer, he had to sit in front of computer up to 10 hours a day. Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain had become a big issue to him. So, Hayden decided to buy an ergonomic chair. After sitting for a month, all his pain issues were relieved. So, he decided to introduce ergonomic chair to everyone by starting this business, which is AITSULAB.

AITSULAB was established in 2017 in Malaysia. We provide various brands of ergonomic chairs to customers that have issues when sitting. In 5 years, we had solved over 10,000 customer’s problems.


Our mission

We are dedicated to provide the best ergonomic comfort to all our customers .


We solved over 10,000 customer's problem. Aitsulab promise will give the best services provide to our supporting customers.

Ergonomic office chairs Malaysia by AITSULAB

We finally found SIHOO brand, TOP BRAND IN CHINA

Sihoo committed to becoming a professional engineering furniture provider, providing furniture with engineering design concepts for global users to study, work and play. Products include engineering chairs, smart desks, children's study desks and chairs, game cockpits, chairs for the elderly, etc. In order to ensure that our users get high-quality products and a good experience, Sihoo has established an intelligent engineering research institute to create a whole industry chain system integrating design, manufacturing, marketing, quality testing, storage, transportation and installation. After years of precipitation and development, Sihoo has now become a professional engineering furniture brand, favored by the majority of users

Healthy life within your reach

Backward Test

Armrest Durability Test

Penumatic Rod Test

Chair Foot Test

Strength Test

Structure Test

Structure Strength Test

Salty Spray Test

Best office chair Malaysia manufacturing process

Ergonomic Study

In order to better apply the concept of ergonomics to the seat, Sihoo has conducted in-depth research and creation on factors such as sitting posture and pressure over the years, in order to achieve the best balance between the seat and the person.

Sitting posture is closely related to health

The spine in a healthy sitting posture is S-shaped, which can avoid uneven pressure on the intervertebral disc; however, in many cases, with the fatigue of the muscles, people will unconsciously lean forward, which increases the internal pressure of the intervertebral disc. Will cause lumbar spine strain.

Design with reference to medical research

According to medical research, different sitting postures exert different forces on the spine, and lumbar spine health problems are also common negative effects of prolonged sitting. As the weak link of health, lumbar spine force is the key target of SIHOO's designers.

Quality Guarantee

After more than a dozen tests, hundreds of thousands of tests, just to give customers a trustworthy chair.

Authoritative Attestation

Achievements And Awards

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