Multi-purpose foam cleaner
Multi-purpose foam cleaner
Multi-purpose foam cleaner


正常价格 RM15.90 MYR 销售价格RM9.90 MYR
含税。 船运 结账时计算。

Foam Cleaner
  • Free shipping within West Malaysia
  • Multipurpose cleaner foam
  • Suitable for leather, fabric, carpets 
  • Eliminates strong odors including food, smoke and pet odors
  • Comes with plastic brush on the cover
  • Pressurized spray can
  • Easy to use including brush for you
  • Good quality product
  • Value for money

1. FREE DELIVERY and INSTALLATION for Klang Valley ONLY *Same Day Delivery please contact Customer Support*

2. West Malaysia free delivery not available for Same Day Delivery *For parcel tracking please click HERE *

3. East Malaysia cost RM240 per item for flgiht ship *will receive your parcel with 7-10 working days*

4. East Malaysia cost RM68 per item for sea ship, it is available in our Shopee Store it cost RM68 per item *will receive your parcel within 20-28 days*

5. Once order placed tracking code will send it by email

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