SIHOO mesh office chair


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  • Class 4 Gas lift with SGS and BIFMA certified.
  • Aluminum Base with silent PU caster.
  • 5 Years warranty by AITSULAB.
  • Adjustable wide angle headrest.
  • Domino lumbar support system.
  • Adjustable backrest up and down.
  • 6D adjustment armrest. (height, angle, depth, backwards, up down and armrest with backrest linked)
  • Can be locking tilting which is 95° to 138°.
  • Breathable mesh with cooling effects.
  • The Y-Shape backrest design to support the spine.
  • Curved surface seat with mesh materials.
  • Seat slider. (front and back)
  • The SMART sensing mechanism.
  • 5 Years warranty by AITSULAB.

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One is called WOW ergonomic chair

9 Breakthrough Technologies

15 adjusment function

9 major technological innovations,Envy them, actually please you

DOMINO Three-dimensional lumbar system

6D Bionic armrest

Smart Gravity sensing chassis

Wide Angle Machanical headrest

Convenient One touch control

Equalizing Seat slider

Flexibility Follow your back

138 degrees Lean back at a wide Angle

Cloud Cloud web cloth

Domino three-dimensional lumbar system


This is the invention of Sihoo, it is a geniues idea combine horizontal, vertical, vertical, 3 variables that affect comfort and health into 3 modules as a lumbar pillow

Let the lumbar pillow and seat cushion, chair back, formed together with the body as an interlocking lumbar support system ,no matter the user is sitting or lying back

The waist support can be adjusted according to the corresponding strength and position, so that the lumbar support can be support your lumbar at all times!

Radial Contact Module

Support you back at all times, comforty lumbar support

Slope tracking lumbar support

Tightly connected with your lumbar, follow your lumbar support at all times

Comparison with others

Doro C-300 designed to follow your lumbar support at all times

6D Bionic armrest

It's not called an armrest, it should be called an assistant.

The operation is flexible, smooth, convenient, flexible like a human arm, which can meet your work status at any time.

When adjusting, such as the pleasant sound of the mechanical watch, and the wonderful control response, some people even use it as the magic of decompression.

6 Adjustment satifying user

Lift up 90mm

Forward and backward 50mm

Inward and outward 80mm

Elevation angel 35 degree

Rotate 75 degree

Linked backward


No matter for your work or gaming also no problem

Wide angel machanical headrest

The headrest look normal but the function is amazing.

Headrest let lift upward , rotate , forward backwrard, three different adjustment combine in one headrest, satisfy for different people, different usage of this chair.

In the other hand,we have solved the industry's poor fixation of 3D headrests

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